Grand Junction, Colorado owner says this of his 5 month old pup: 

"This is one good Griff. She has learned the property lines and stays within them. But I keep her under control so she won't get distracted. LOVES the river. Has no fear or much notice of gun fire other than something fun is happening."

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Brigadier Windsor 
(adopted in Texas)

"Grandview Gunner IV scored a perfect score of 112 points for a Prize 1 with the Lone Star NAVHDA Chapter today! Very proud of Gunner and his handler/owner Charlie Camarotte!"

Owner of a pup from our October 2016 litter said this:

"Lulu went for her first gunshot test today! She did great. Wasn't scared at all. We ADORE her! She has the sweetest temperament and is already a good listener and fast learner. She is finally staying in her kennel at night next to my bed. We just love her to pieces! "   

At 7 months old here

"He is just the best! Couldn't ask for a better member for our family. He is a wonderful pup so smart and full of life. He is a quick learner and amazing in the field. Also a great lap dog (so he thinks) We couldn't be happier."

Purchased from a Colorado based owner.

At 7 1/2 months, one buyer said this of the only male from our 1st litter:   
Keystone's Rowdy Skyler     5/10/2014
He earned a Prize II  at his NAVHDA Natural Ability Test earning 108 points out of possible 112.

"Skyler is a wonderful, well rounded dog.   He is the perfect balance between laid back and easy going,  yet energetic and driven when appropriate.    He is maturing into an awesome versatile hunting dog, for both upland birds and waterfowl.   He is easy to train,  smart and willing to please.  He has already earned his first leg towards his AKC Rally title.    His strong work ethic, long legs, and athletic nature make him the perfect skijor dog.   We are looking forward to racing this winter.  I couldn't be happy with my multi-talented pup.

Skijoring Race (below)

Purchase from Seattle based owners.

Avery. "She is about 60lbs. Short haired like her dad. We had some trouble in the beginning with potty training, but she was fully potty trained by 4 months. She picks up tricks really fast! She can sit, shake, down, roll over, stay and play dead. Walking on a leash is still tricky because she is such a hunter. She is either nose on the ground sniffing or is in search of birds. She has a pretty high energy level. We walk about 3 miles a day to try and help. She plays SO well with other dogs. Very social and laid back. We get TONS OF COMPLIMENTS on her. She is a rare breed here in Seattle, but people stop us daily."

Purchase from New Mexico based owners.

Just wanted to let you know how Orvis is doing out here from Las Cruces, New Mexico. He is from the litter born on December 12th. He is doing great. Very high energy. He was potty trained in a matter of weeks. He knows lots of different commands and is usually obedient unless he is distracted (which is often!). He loves to chew on anything and everything. We've taken him hiking and fishing and camping and he loves it all. He actually loves people above all else. There is no such thing as someone that he doesn't like. He does great off leash and never allows himself to get farther than about 20 yards from us. At 4 months, he weighed 40 pounds, so we are expecting him to become a big boy like his Dad was. He sheds very little and has remained very healthy. We are so thankful for him! Thanks again. I have attached some recent pics. Enjoy!

Purchase from a Nebraska based owner.

Ruby is such a fun loving family dog and has a huge heart. She was pointing at 10 weeks, loves the water and is a great travelling partner. I couldn't be happier. I think she is doing great!
Buckley Rue

Purchase from Colorado based owners.

Her name is Buckley Rue. She is perfect besides her wanting to eat every sock and plant I have. She is extremely smart learned a couple tricks in one day. She is big cuddling buddy. She gets jealous easily. She loves sitting on the couch to watch tv. Which is what she is doing right now. Watching scooby doo. 
Very happy with her! A great addition to the family. Glad she is our little baby now. She is now 45 pounds I think a little more 
She had the Mohawk look like her daddy. Starting from her nose up her head to her neck. Very cute

Purchase from Seattle based owners.

Molly. "Smarty pants for sure"