Then & Now

It is often difficult to visualize what a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon pup will look like when it matures.  I have asked owners of my pups to send me information about their dogs and am in the process of compiling this page to address this question.  Enjoy!

BORN 2/7/17

Day 1- 1lb 2oz
Day 7 - 1lb 11oz 
Day 14 - 2lbs 13oz
Day 21 - 3lbs 6oz 
Day 28 - 5lbs 2oz 
Day 35 - 7lbs 12oz 
Day 42 - 10lbs 8oz 

6 weeks vs 5 months

6 weeks vs 1 year

"Hard to believe he is 1 year old.  He is really a big lanky, all-legs, and playful love. Oliver surely looks just like his mom I'd say.

Last I checked Ollie was around 55 pounds, but he is so tall. Long and lean.  He's like my mini horse. (Jokes)."

BORN 2/7/17

Day 1- 11.84 oz
Day 7 - 1lb 1oz 
Day 14 - 2lbs 1oz 
Day 21 - 2lbs 1 oz 
Day 28 - 3lbs 13oz 
Day 35 - 5lbs 5oz 
Day 42 - 7lbs 1oz 

6 weeks vs 7 months

  1. Week 6
    Week 6
    Week 6

6 weeks vs 1 year

 "Cassidy is 55 pounds and 23 inches. Great dog. Very active and chewing phase is quite something! I do not hunt her, but if I did, she has all the traits that would make her excellent. She seems to be much shorter and stouter than other WPGs I have seen.
We are professionally training her to be my service dog for PTSD and she is doing extremely well!"

BORN 2/7/17

Day 1- 12oz
Day 7 - 1lb 1oz
Day 14 - 1lb 7oz 
Day 21 - 2lbs
Day 28 - 2lbs 7oz 
Day 35 - 4lbs 3oz 
Day 42 - 5lbs 10oz 

6 weeks vs 1 year

"She’s wonderful!  Her coat is soft and long, though not quite as long as some I’ve seen.  She has stayed maybe slightly smaller, but not as small as I expected (she was the runt).  

I am still extremely smitten.  We love our wookie!

BORN 7/22/16

Day 1- 11 oz
Day 7 - 1lb 5oz 
Day 14 - 2.0 lbs
Day 21 - 3lbs

Day 28 - 4lbs   
​Day 35 - 5lbs 12oz 
Day 42 - 7lbs 10oz 

5 weeks vs 1.5 years

"This is Gus!  He weighs 68 lbs and stands 24 inches tall. His coat is long and soft. He is an amazing hunter and an even better cuddle buddy. He is an amazing addition to our family."  

  1. Week 6
    Week 6
    Week 6

BORN 9/17/17
(one of the larger pups in the litter)

Day 1 - 13oz
Day 7 - 1lb 4oz
Day 14 - 2lbs 2oz
Day 21 -  2lbs 14oz
Day 28 -  4lbs 9oz
Day 42- 7lbs 11oz

  1. Week 6
    Week 6
    Week 6

6 weeks vs 5 months

"Greta is everything we wanted in a family dog. We have two energetic boys (4 & 6) that she’s amazing with. They’re currently running laps around the house right now. She listens extremely well for a 5 month old pup and can also be extremely stubborn, very similar to a toddler. She’s very smart. She can sit, shake, beg, speak & she’ll occasionally lay down or roll over on command. She’s also very cuddly. We love her so much!"

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BORN 6/03/17

Day 1- 1.49 lbs
Day 8 -  2.97 lbs
Day 14 - 4.76 lbs
Day 28 - 8.23 lbs
Day 35 - 9.87 lbs
Day 42 -  12.16 lbs

6 weeks vs 7 months

This is Bolo. He's 7-months and weighs about 68 lbs. He was the youngest of two pups. Yeah he was a fat pup and is still growing. We have an acre lot for him to run around, so he's getting the necessary exercise chasing rabbits and quails. He listens when we need him to. His coat is soft, but sheds a little bit (Not like a Labrador). We're very HAPPY with Bolo.