Bonnie's Doggie Bunk bed Design

This "cot-style" bunk bed doesn't absorb water and is easy to clean.  

Ask a Veterinarian

Ask a Vet
The link to this website will take you to Dr Ron Hines website. Here he has hundreds of great articles to help you with your pet care needs. Dr Hines is a retired Veterinarian who now voluntarily helps people with pet questions via his website,

Getting the most from your micro-chip

Micro Mess
Although your new pup will be micro-chipped, it is important to have your vet check to ensure that it works properly and to register your chip with "Home Again" as well as other national data-bases. Click on the link to find out more info. Many of these data-bases are free, but will try to trick you into paying extra money.

Best foods for your new puppy

Best Foods
As new dog food companies continue to emerge, it is difficult to keep track of all of them. This link seems to me to be a fairly decent one for comparisons.  I am experimenting with different 5 star foods from this site and I order my food from Chewy (click link) because I like the convenience of having it delivered free to my door and never run out of food.
Hunting Names

Puppy Names

Hunting Names 2
Naming your puppy can be quite a challenge. Here a a few sites that I think had some pretty good names.
Hunting Names 3

Training you new puppy

Training is the most important thing you can do for your dog. Professional trainers and classes are highly recommended, but this link has some great ideas for everything dog (including training).  Just read the information on the site, you don't need to buy the video. Check it out!